French Essentials for homeschool

Online Placement


Answer the 25 questions below and then check your results.


What is the meaning of the French words/phrases:   What is the meaning of the English phrases:
1 Salut   6 What is your name?
  See you later
Have a nice day
None of the above
    Comment ton non?
Comment ça va?
Comment t'appelles-tu?
Quel âge as-tu?
None of the above
2 Ça va?   7 Hello Mr. Green!
  How do you do?
Do you hurt?
How are you?
None of the above
    Salut M. Green!
Au revoir M. Green!
Bonjour M. Green!
Bonjour Mlle Green!
None of the above
3 Quel âge as-tu?   8 Who is that?
  How old are you?
What is her age?
What is his age?
How are you?
None of the above
    Qui est là?
Où habites-tu?
Ça va?
Quel mois-ce?
None of the above
4 Huit   9 There's Jessica!
None of the above
    Voici Jessica!
Voilà Jessica!
Salut Jessica!
Elle s'appelle Jessica!
None of the above
5 Quatre   10 I like school
None of the above
    Il aime l'école
J'aime l'équitation
J'aime l'escrime
J'aime l'école
None of the above

Fill in the blank with the word in French that matches the word in English (upper or lower case doesn't matter)   What is the meaning of the English phrases:
11 a school
12 the glue
13 eighteen
14 a pencil
15 a map
16 a bus
17 twenty-five
18 a computer
19 a girl
20 a neighbor
  21 Où habites-tu?
    Where do you study?
What are your habits?
Where do you visit?
Where do you live?
None of the above
  22 Est-ce que tu aimes la natation?
    Do you like horse-back riding?
Do you have the ruler?
Do you like swimming?
Do you have the stapler?
None of the above
  23 Qu'est-ce que c'est?
    What is there?
Why is it?
Where is it?
Is it?
None of the above
  24 Est-ce que tu as un ordinateur?
    Do you have a printer?
Do you have a computer?
Do you have a ruler?
Do you have an eraser?
None of the above
  25 Est-ce que tu connais Jean?
    Do you know Jean?
Do you like Jean?
Do you see Jean?
Do you dislike Jean?
None of the above

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