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I am so excited for a curriculum that incorporates writing, reading, listening, and speaking French! There is a greater chance of retention when using all avenues to the brain!

Pam Guiles
2013-08-01, 20:31


People using FE around the world.

French Essentials for Homeschool - eBook 5

French curriculum ebook 5
USD 79.95 each

Fifth eBook of the French Essentials series. For students in Grades 5-8/9. Stand alone curriculum with everything you need to be prepared to tackle high school French. 1st Edition. See Table of Contents (below) for a complete curriculum outline.


15 Lessons (3 Units)

800 Audio Files!!!


● 202 pages

● Grade 5+

● 203 Mo 

● Workbook & answer key

● Pronunciation exercises

● Cultural exploration



Screen capture - Look inside! 

The images do not contain audio features

Parents! No need to speak French yourself.

Easy to follow step-by-step method that promotes confidence building and success.


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