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We appreciate the way the program is laid out. Very easy to follow. We like the emphasis on communication and that the method is more than just listen and repeat. We like the section on the site on … read more

Deborah C.
2013-01-08, 15:08


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Bundle eBook 1 to eBook 5

French Essentials Curriculum Bundle
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USD 359.75USD 287.80 each

Excellent value! Five eBooks of the French Essentials series that will take students from beginner to Grade 8/9. For students in Grades 5-8/9 or highschool with no previous French. Ideal for families with students at different grade levels. Provides a solid foundation for high school French. 


80 Lessons (16 Units)

3143 Audio Files


● 663 pages
● Grade 5+
● 620 Mo (94Mo/75Mo/95Mo/153Mo/203Mo)
● Workbooks & answer keys
● Pronunciation exercises

● Cultural exploration

icon couv glossary 1+ Download for FREE eBook 1 Glossary
With your purchase you will get the free download of the glossary containing all content from the eBook 1 lessons.

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eBook 1

eBook 2

eBook 3

eBook 4

eBook 5

Parents! No need to speak French yourself.

Easy to follow step-by-step method that promotes confidence building and success.