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Bundle eBook 4 & 5 | French Essentials

French Essentials for homeschool

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Program is very affordable and easy to use. Module 1 has been a quick review for my son who took one year of French and needed to refresh his skills and wonderful for our daughter who is just … read more

Barbara F.
2013-03-12, 15:06


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Bundle eBook 4 & 5

French Essentials Bundle eBook 4 & 5
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Fourth and fifth eBooks of the French Essentials series will take students up to Grade 8/9. For students in Grades 5-8/9 or high school who have completed eBooks 1-3.
Provides a solid foundation for high school French. 


30 Lessons (6 Units)

1500 Audio Files


● 373 pages

● Grades 5+

● 356 Mo (153Mo/203Mo) 

● Workbooks & answer keys

● Pronunciation exercises

● Cultural exploration


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eBook 4

eBook 5

Parents! No need to speak French yourself.

Easy to follow step-by-step method that promotes confidence building and success.