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French Curriculum for Homeschool | French Essentials

French Essentials for homeschool

Fun, Interactive, Effective!
No previous experience necessary
Audio featuring 100% native French speakers
Easy structured step-by-step method
Explore French culture!

"Merci, French Essentials, for making this past year a great experience for my middle-school students!  We used ebooks 1 and 2 in our homeschool co-op. Your curriculum made it easy for me to introduce the material in class and fun for the students to work on at home.   I appreciated that my students were able to hear the material spoken by a native French speaker.   The flashcards and workbook pages reinforced the lesson material and appealed to all learning styles.  We also loved the fun cultural notes and the discussions that they sparked.  We can't wait to start ebook 3 next year.  I am so delighted at the outcome!"

Shannon Mahoney, Homeschool Mother & Coop Teacher, Virginia USA


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French Essentials

for homeschool!

French Essentials is a complete downloadable French curriculum for homeschool and has everything you need to make learning French part of your homeschool. Designed by experienced French teachersit is clear and easy to use and does not require previous knowledge of French. The well-designed lessons teach French in an easy to follow, gradual, step-by-step method  that promotes confidence building and success.

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How our

method works!

French Essentials targets all four language acquisition skills (speaking, listening comprehension, reading & writing) using a "communicative approach" backed up by solid grammar & pronunciation exercises every step of the way. Each lesson builds on the previous promoting confidence & success. The format allows "quick and easy access" to the lesson & audio and all the content including the workbook, French cultural notes & more.

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The new 

Au travail! We're making the French Essentials curriculum even better! The team at French Essentials is hard at work making improvements and updates so FE is easier to access and easier to manage for parents. The new eBooks will feature a new design and layout that will make navigating the lessons and learning more fun & engaging for students. Stay tuned! Make sure to get on the mailing list to receive updates, news and promotions on what's coming.



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