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Greatly disappointed with the twaddle of competitive curriculums with hopeful promises, we stumbled upon French Essentials. Lessons are well planned, ...

Renee Blokzyl
2012-09-14, 12:48
We have been impressed with the excellent teaching strategies employed in the FRENCH ESSENTIALS curriculum. Our students continue to enjoy the program...

Erik vonNiessen
2013-05-28, 13:28
French Essentials includes all the important elements of listening, speaking, reading and writing to learn a second language. And it is laid out in a ...

Joetta Witowski
2013-05-20, 12:49
Salut! This is our last day of school for this year and we finished Module 2. This is the longest we have stayed with a program and we are very excit...

Dana Huller
2011-12-05, 12:28
FRENCH ESSENTIALS includes all the important elements of learning a second language - listening, speaking, reading and writing. And it is laid out in...

Joetta Witowski
2012-05-30, 12:44
Wonderful easy to use program with a strong emphasis on speaking. My son really likes this program.

2013-05-27, 23:27
FRENCH ESSENTIALS is an excellent program to introduce your child to the basics of the French language from home. It is clear, easy to use and will he...

Julie-Marie Bourque
2012-01-25, 12:47
I think this program is a wonderful approach to teaching French. Its very immersive and the worksheets allow for lots of review. I am learning right a...

Terry Borne
2012-09-30, 12:07
Finally a French home schooling course that goes at a pace anyone can handle... Since the building block approach is the method, that means being sure...

Brenda Schubert
2012-09-24, 12:45
My daughter has enjoyed your program. Her comments: "I like the program because of the videos where you can see and hear real people and the writing ...

Joanna Morrison
2012-05-24, 12:26
We have been impressed with the excellent teaching strategies employed in the FRENCH ESSENTIALS curriculum. Our students continue to enjoy the program...

Erik vonNiessen
2012-06-30, 12:46
An excellent way to learn French! My son loves this program. Having the content in video as well as audio makes it seem far more interactive, more enj...

Kathy Trotter
2012-03-17, 12:27
I am so excited for a curriculum that incorporates writing, reading, listening, and speaking French! There is a greater chance of retention when usin...

Pam Guiles
2013-08-01, 20:31

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About Us



The authors

The authors are happily married, both teachers, and passionate about the French language and culture. They live in St-Rédempteur, Québec, a suburb of Quebec City with their two children, Jessica and Nicolas who attend school in French and are homeschooled in English. 



How we got started


We began as a small tutoring service which came about through requests for tutoring from friends in the homeschool community. This eventually led to the development of a DVD French curriculum for home use. In August 2010, in order to make it more affordable and accessible, French Essentials was converted from top to bottom into a new downloadable format and was launched.



Our bio


Irene Shone  Apart from being a classical violinist, Irene holds a BA French, a postgraduate certificate in French Linguistics and a teaching certificate all from Université Laval. She is currently completing a Masters Degree in Linguistics at Université Laval while teaching in the Modern languages department at Collège Merici, Quebec City.


Greg Shone  He holds a BA History from the University of Alberta, a BA French from Université Laval and a teaching certificate from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. Starting his career as a high school French and French immersion teacher, he now devotes his time to French Essentials.

And loves it!



Our team


Graphic design & Webmaster


M. Philippe Portugal, from Marseille, France, Owner Phil Portugal Services Graphiques


Principal Editor & Video Instructor


Brinda Devi Chengadu, BA, MA French, French Teacher, from the Republic of Mauritius


Video Instructors


M. Legentil, BED, French & French Immersion Teacher, from Île de St. Pierre, France


Mme Legentil, BED, French Teacher, from Vancouver, Canada


Mme Cosneau, BA, MA Education (FSL), French Teacher, from Nantes, France


Mme Bourzine, DEC, from Bordeaux, France


M. Toppan, Teacher, from Toulouse, France


Mme Brisson, Retired Professor, CMQ, from Paris, France


M. Brébaud, BA, MA French, French Immersion Teacher, from Paris, France